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The below prices are net prices (23% VAT will be added).

Certified translations

The price for one page (1125 characters with spaces) – the unit set by the Ministry of Justice.

Translation from PLN 45
Additional copy PLN 10
Registered mail to Poland PLN 10
Registered mail abroad PLN 20

Ordinary and specialized translations

Price for one page (1800 characters with spaces) or one word of the original text. The price can be higher for texts with very specialist terminology, handwritten or in any other non-standard form.

Language pair English-Polish from PLN 45
Language pair Polish-Russian from PLN 45
Language pair English-Russian from PLN 50


Price for one hour. The basic unit is 2 hours or a half day (4 hours), depending on the type of interpreting services. The price includes any delays or breaks caused by the client.

Consecutive interpreting from PLN/hour 120
Simultaneous interpreting from PLN/hour 160

* For written translation the price applies to a normal time frame (6 pages a day). For a priority time frame 50% or 100% is added, depending on the deadline. Translation for the same day or next day is priced as having a priority time frame irrespective of the number of pages. A day should be understood as a working day, excluding public holidays and weekends. Current wait times and availability of priority orders may change.

* Each new page is calculated as a full page. Each new hour is calculated as a full hour.

* All the above prices are gross prices. I do not add VAT.

* The pricelist is of informative nature only and does not constitute a commercial offer in the meaning of Article 66(1) of the Polish Civil Code.